County Party Encourages One of Its Own to Provide a Stronger Voice to Voters of WA Leg District 19


Jim Walsh, Candidate for the Washington State House (LD19, Position 1), has been endorsed by the Grays Harbor Republican Party (GHGOP).

The GHGOP endorsed Walsh as part of its endorsement of several candidates running for local and state legislative positions in coastal Washington. The GHGOP also made cash contributions to several of the campaigns it endorsed.

Following local tradition, Walsh (who currently serves as GHGOP Chair) was not part of the endorsement vote. GHGOP Treasurer Otis Leathers led the process—making the necessary motions and opening discussion among the Precinct Committee Officers (PCOs), who ultimately voted on the endorsements.

Accepting the local Party’s endorsement, Walsh said:

It’s always great to have the support of your “home team.” Our PCOs are the decision-makers in this Party. I’m humbled that they voted to back my campaign for the State House. As everyone who follows politics in this area knows, the GHGOP has taken major strides in getting Republicans and conservatives elected to public office over the last several cycles. This part of Washington has gone from “blue” to “purple.” And we plan to get more conservatives elected in 2016.

Other candidates endorsed by the GHGOP include: Wes Cormier, seeking re-election as Grays Harbor County Commissioner; Sue Kuehl Pederson, running for State Senate in Legislative District 19; Jimi O’Hagan, running for State House in LD19, Position 2; Danille Turissini, running for State Senate in LD24; and John Alger, running for State House in LD24.

“The voters in LD19 need a stronger voice in Olympia for our issues. We need to stop taking orders from Seattle liberals,” Walsh says. “The GHGOP’s support of a ‘favorite son’ makes me more confident that I be that stronger voice for this district.”

For more information on Jim Walsh and his campaign for the Washington State House, see his website (www.electjimwalsh.org) or his campaign Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Jim-Walsh-943288459098642/).




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