I believe that voters in the 19th are ready for real change.
We need new representation in Olympia. More positive.
More proactive. And with a clearer eye on what actually
works for the people-and the children-who live in rural
Washington. I'm dedicated to providing that.

--Jim Walsh

For Jobs

State government can do better when it comes to our local economy. Seattle politicians make decisions that shutter local businesses and then say our communities should be dependent on tourism. Tourism is great, but we can't rebuild our economy on any one industry. We need family wage jobs. That means a diversified economy. And local legislators who will stand up to Seattle’s agenda.

For Schools

For too many years, Olympia has failed our community, refusing to fund our local schools adequately. The 19th District needs a more effective state education system and a fairer property tax system. Our kids...and their families...deserve a good education. But the issue is even bigger than that. Good schools are vital to our future--and our economic recovery.

For Representative

Jim Walsh shares our community’s values. He's committed to Coastal Washington's success. He cares about the future of our children and our local economy. He shares our area's commitment to bi-partisanship and common sense. Most of all: He’s a voice for the Coast, not Seattle.