Jim Walsh Endorsed by ‘Human Life of Washington’


Candidate for WA State House in LD19 Says 2016 Election Offers Rare Opportunity for Major Legislative Reforms

Jim Walsh—who’s running for the Washington State House, Legislative District 19, Position 1—been endorsed by the Human Life of Washington Political Action Committee.

Human Life PAC is based in Bellevue, WA, and advocates for the sanctity of human life at all stages.

Accepting the endorsement, Walsh said:

“This endorsement means a lot to me because I like the way the Human Life PAC operates. Its members focus on influencing public policy in the best ways—using principle and reason to persuade lawmakers, looking for common ground with people who may not always agree with us and avoiding heated rhetoric or angry emotions. That is how we will make real, lasting change in our laws. And in our society.”

There are five candidates in the primary for LD19, Position 1, and Walsh believes this presents a rare opportunity for voters to change the direction of public policy in Olympia. Walsh is running as a Republican; and, if the Republicans pick up just two more seats in the State House, they will become the majority Party. Walsh has said: “That will give us the chance to make major reforms in the legislative process.”

Walsh noted that his two most prominent opponents…both Seattle-style liberals…have said they support abortion-on-demand, various forms of “physician-assisted” suicide and the use of public funds to pay for it all. Walsh disagrees with them—especially on the matter of using public funds for those activities. He went on to say:

“Many people focus on abortion when they hear the phrase ‘pro-life.’ But there’s more to it than that. I’m equally interested in end-of-life issues—how we treat the elderly and sick in our society. We need to be careful about adopting public policies that end up rationing health care resources or put bureaucrats in charge of end-of-life decisions. Those decisions should remain between patients and their doctors.”

For more information on Jim Walsh and his campaign for the Washington State House, see his website (www.electjimwalsh.org) or his campaign Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Jim-Walsh-943288459098642/).





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