Challenger for House in WA Leg District 19 Included in List of State Legislative Candidates Who Will Return Focus to Government


The Washington Patriot PAC (WPP) has endorsed Jim Walsh, Candidate for the Washington State House (LD19, Position 1).

The WPP has endorsed Washington state legislative candidates in 14 State Senate or House races that it considers critical to improving Olympia’s outcomes over the next few years. Walsh is joined on the list by solid conservative incumbents like Matt Shea, Jesse Young, David Taylor, Lynda Wilson and Mary Dye. As well as fellow challengers like Mary Ruth Edwards, Vicki Kraft, Mike Volz and Barry Knowles.

For the complete list, see the WPP’s web site here: http://washingtonpatriotspac.org/endorsements.html (click on the “Legislative Candidates” tab).

Reflecting its attitude on public policy, the WPP quotes Revolutionary War pamphleteer Thomas Paine on its endorsement page: “The duty of a true Patriot is to protect his country from its government.”


Accepting the WPP’s endorsement, Jim Walsh said:

“In Olympia, the pendulum has swung too far in the direction of large, intrusive state government. Our administrative agencies are out of control—running roughshod over this land and its citizens. I’m determined to help usher in a return to more limited, more effective government. We can provide those few, essential services that the State should provide without creating a New Leviathan of bureaucratic corruption and excess.

I’m proud to have the WPP’s support in this effort. And I’m especially proud to be included in a list of some of the best people I know in public office and running for public office. This group will help make Washington a better place to live and work!”

For more information on Jim Walsh and his campaign for the Washington State House, see his website (www.electjimwalsh.org) or his campaign Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Jim-Walsh-943288459098642/).




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