Recently, Jim Walsh’s campaign for the open Washington State House of Representatives seat in Legislative District 19 has received two important endorsements.

Jim has been endorsed by the Hunters Heritage Council of Washington.

The Hunters Heritage Council is an organization dedicated to political action on behalf of the hunting and related communities of Washington. The Council opposes regulation of wildlife through the initiative process and political rhetoric. It supports wildlife regulation based on science. The HHC also lobbies elected representatives “to enhance our hunting privileges for Washington State hunters and to fend off countless anti-hunting bills that are introduced every legislative cycle.”

Accepting HHC’s endorsement, Jim said:

Hunting and fishing are essential parts of living in this part of Washington. They’re recreation for some, a living for others. In either case, they’re more than occasional things. They’re ingrained in our culture here. So, I welcome HHC’s support. Its members understand that—in the spirit of Teddy Roosevelt—we need to conserve our natural resources so that all of us can use and enjoy them.

Jim has also been endorsed by the Washington Dairy PAC.

The Washington State Dairy Federation represents Washington’s 416 dairy farmers and has been the voice of dairy families since 1892. Dairy foods constitute the second-largest agricultural commodity produced in Washington, with a direct economic impact valued at $1.3 billion a year. The Dairy Federation is “proactive in working with state and federal agencies to better our practices and protect the quality of our milk and Washington’s natural resources.” Its PAC noted: “This endorsement reflects our members’ trust in you to lead our state, our communities, our rural farm families and in particular our dairy industry.”

Accepting the Dairy PAC’s endorsement, Jim said:

Our dairy farmers are a critical asset in Washington state. Lots of groups talk about being “stewards” of our natural resources—these people live that role every day. In Olympia, I’ll do all I can to keep their markets open and thriving, so that dairy farmers can continue to be a central part of our ag business.

Jim Walsh is a candidate for the Washington State House of Representatives. He’s running for the open House seat in the 19th Legislative District—which runs south along the Pacific Coast from Grays Harbor to the mouth of the Columbia River, and then up-river to the cities of Longview and Kelso.

A small-business owner and father of five, Jim has been married for 27 years to Jamie MacKinnon Walsh. They live in the Broadway Hill neighborhood of Aberdeen, WA.

Jim finished first among five candidates in the August “top two” primary for the open House seat in LD19. The general election is on November 8, 2016.


For more information on Jim Walsh and his campaign for the Washington State House, see his website (www.electjimwalsh.org) or his campaign Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Jim-Walsh-943288459098642/).




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